Our Services

We are a locally owned, family operated company supplying coin-operated Amusement Devices to the Greater Kenosha Area. Our customers consist of local taverns, bowling alleys and recreation centers, and other commercial businesses. We offer a competitive revenue sharing platform – we supply the equipment and technical expertise to keep it running, and you supply the customer base. As detailed below, we can accommodate any coin-operated equipment you may need for your location. We also run and support leagues and tournaments for your customer base.

Equipment We Supply

  • Jukeboxes – We use Touchtunes digital jukeboxes throughout our route. Touchtunes jukeboxes boast the largest music library, the most feature packed remote app, and the most sophisticated scheduling software. This means we can cater each jukebox install to your location’s particular needs.
  • Dartboards – Arachnid Galaxy series dartboards are our weapon of choice for your darting needs. As the originator of electronic dartboards, Arachnid equipment is the de-facto workhorse of current dart leagues and tournaments across the country. We utilize Arachnid’s LeagueLeader software to run our own route-wide leagues, and have worked with local taverns to power their in-house leagues as well.
  • Pool Tables – Featuring 3/4″ one-piece Italian slates, Valley pool tables play true and stay level in any location. We pair them with Championship worsted hybrid woolen cloth, for fast play and great wear rates. For locations with pro players, we can custom cover our tables with Championship Tournament Ultra cloth, or the Simonis line of products. We also offer Ridgeback Rails as an option, which tighten up pocket play and increase challenge.
  • Arcade Games and Pinball Machines – Classic arcade and pinball machines are back in demand. We offer a wide range of equipment including Capcom CPS II / III systems, Neo Geo MVS, Sega STV / NAOMI setups, sit-down driving classics, and more. For pinball players, we exclusively route Bally/Williams DMD pinball machines, considered to be some of the greatest titles of all time. All our pinball machines are upgraded with LED lighting and color dot matrix displays.
  • ATMs – If your location needs an ATM machine, we have you covered. We supply, service, and fill our ATM machines. You sit back and collect a commission on each transaction, while saving on credit card fees. As an IAD (Independent ATM Deployer), we can work with you to build a commission structure based on your needs.
  • Gaming and Redemption Devices – Whether you need a crane machine or one of our new LED framed, custom vertical screen countertops – we can help. Because this sector of our business evolves at a lightning pace, please contact us for more information.
  • Pull Tab and Misc Equipment – Tired of your “bucket” style pull tab cards going missing? Our secure delivery pull tab machines eliminate theft and hassle. We offer weekly reimbursement of winning cards, and monthly commissions.

Additional Services We Offer

  • Leagues and Tournaments – As mentioned above, we offer route-wide leagues for darts, pool, and pinball machines. Leagues not only bring revenue to your location via equipment play, but also return customers on a weekly basis. We also work with locations by extending our knowledge and equipment to power their own custom in-house leagues. This partnership also extends to tournaments. We offer league-player only tournaments, and are happy to work with local charities and locations to help run their tournaments as well.
  • Advertisement Network – We operate a network of TV connected dartboards, jukeboxes, and ATM machines that are all capable of displaying custom advertisements. These machines have a great reach all across our service area. You can harness this network for advertising purposes at extremely competitive rates, and we are happy to offer advertising space – for free – to local charities and benefits. Please contact us for more information.
  • Harbor Touch POS Systems – We have partnered with Harbor Touch to offer POS systems to locations. These systems are cutting edge equipment that let you stay in control of all facets of your revenue collection. Remote reports, Quickbooks integration, ease of use / training, and inexpensive leasing options are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a Harbor Touch POS system.