Pinball League Information

General Information

Thank you for your interest in Midwest Novelty’s Pinball Selfie League.  This unique league format allows you to play pinball at locations around the City of Kenosha at your convenience, taking and uploading pictures with your best scores from each game.  Each league is run monthly, and each month has both a 1st Place Prize, and two random Participation Prizes.    Your games are played solo, so there’s no set times or days that you have to play, and no need to worry about coordinating schedules with other players. 

How It Works

The first step is to add yourself to our Pinball League FB Group, and make an account on Matchplay’s mobile site. More detailed info on signing up is below. Once you have done that, then it’s time to start playing pinball! The whole idea of the Selfie League is to play pinball on your schedule, while still being able to compete for prizes. As mentioned above, you need to submit scores on a minimum of four different pinball machines, across the City of Kenosha, to qualify. You can absolutely submit scores on as many machines as you’d like. A great strategy is to watch which machines have less scores posted to them as the month continues. Less play means less competition on scores, and a greater chance your top scores on that machine will rank higher. You can view current rankings through the MatchPlay site.

Your scores will be assigned a point value (out of 100) based on how they rank per machine, and the total number of points you earn across your 4 best ranking scores (out of ~12 eligible machines) will be used to determine end-of-month rankings.  The top score on each pinball machine earns 100 points, the second place score 99 points, etc. As the month goes on, scores will move in the standings, based on other people playing. You might have the top score ten days into the month, and end up in 18th place by the end. Of course, you can continue to play and log higher scores to maintain your rank. To qualify for monthly prizes, you will need to submit at least one score on four separate machines across the city.  You can submit as many scores as you like, at any time during the month, to improve your ranking on each machine.  The only fees to participate in the League are the actual games of pinball that you will play.  Currently, all of our pinball machines are set at one play for $0.50, three plays for $1.00.

At the end of the month, we will award the 1st  Place winner a gift card or voucher from one of our pinball locations around the city.  The estimated value of this prize is $25.  For example, one month’s top prize might be free bowling with shoe rental for 4 people at Surfside Bowl, or a $25 drink tab at Hill’s Hod Rod Hideout.  We will also randomly choose two other players to receive a participation prize (gift card or voucher) valued at ~$15.  The first place winner will not be eligible for this participation prize.  You must still upload a minimum of one score on four different pinball machines to qualify for the participation prizes.

Signing Up for the League and Submitting Selfies

New Players :

  • If this is your first time playing in a monthly Midwest Novelty Pinball Selfie League, join our FB Pinball League Group.
  • Then sign up for a free account on MatchPlay Events. Their mobile website works on any phone or laptop.
  • Follow “Existing Player” steps.

Existing Players:

  • Add yourself to the current monthly league on MatchPlay Events.
  • Visit any of our participating locations and play pinball!
  • Take a picture of yourself with your best score on each game.
  • Submit your scores and pictures on the MatchPlay Mobile Website by clicking the “submit scores” button on the top right of the Scores page.
  • Make sure to select the correct pinball machine “Arena” from the list!
  • Play more pinball!
  • You can submit as many scores as you like, all month long. Remember that only your top best scores from four different machines will count for your monthly total.

The picture doesn’t have to be perfect or even have your entire face in it, but you must be identifiable and the score on the game must be clearly visible. It’s okay if we have to zoom in to read it. Please submit your scores to MatchPlay once your play session is done.

We also encourage members to keep things social by sharing their pictures in our Facebook group!